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Currently, the SRC operates at three sites in Los Angeles: 1) Volunteer of America Men’s Shelter 2) the John Wesley Community Health Center for Community Health (CCH) Downtown, a private nonprofit health clinic located on Skid Row 3) the Wellness Center located at the historic LAC-USC General Hospital. The SRC utilizes an interdisciplinary team­-based approach in a primary care setting while emphasizing patient education and comprehensive patient care. There are multiple clinic teams per site, with each team consisting of faculty preceptors, Care Team Coordinator, medical students, pharmacy students, occupational therapy students, and physician assistant students. The SRCWP interdisciplinary team also consists of physical therapy students and Health Navigators.


The population we serve

The USC Student Run Clinic serves current CCH patients, VOA Men’s Shelter residents, and Wellness Center clients. The patients we serve include the underserved, homeless, and uninsured. Specifically, we target complex patients with comorbidities that require an in­-depth and comprehensive health assessment.


The services the SRC provides to the patients

Services provided to the patients include: a comprehensive history and physical exam, preventative screenings, behavioral counseling, medication reconciliation, and wellness education.

JWCH Center for
Community Health

522 South San Pedro St. 

Los Angeles, CA 90013

[Selected Saturdays 8AM - 1PM]

Volunteers of America Men's Shelter

3804 Broadway Pl.

Los Angeles, CA 90037

[Selected Tuesdays 5:30PM - 9:30PM]

The Wellness Center

1200 N State St.

Los Angeles, CA 90033

[Selected Saturdays 8AM - 12PM]

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